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Episode 305

Tech Toys accelerates to the Netherlands to experience pure, jet-like fury in the Spyker C8 Aileron, a supercar with an Audi V8 4.2-liter engine delivering 3,500 RPM. With clean, aerodynamic lines and zero to 62 mile per hour speeds in 4.5 seconds, the C8 Spyker’s is not only lightning fast, but eye-catching with its aviation inspired design. Then, see the latest in urban transportation with the BOXX, a two-wheeled vehicle that is compact enough for a back pack and enough e-power for urbanites in a hurry. Speeding up again, but still on time, we cover a motorcycle-inspired watch, the Tread 1, visually stunning, wirelessly charged, timepiece that’s also bulletproof if you like the James Bond experience. Tech Toys 360 travels to Monaco to discover the MTM by Klassen, one of the world’s most high-tech vans on the market. Equipped with HD screens and a state of the art safe, among other amenities in a spacious cabin, this posh office on wheels allows one to do business on the road.

On This Episode:
Spyker C8: Company Website | Preview
BOXX: Company Website
Devon Timepieces: Company Website
MTM-Klassen Car Design: Company Website



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