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Episode 306

Tech Toys 360 visits the KTM factory in Austria to experience the X-Bow GT. Powered by a 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder gas engine with direct injection, exhaust turbo charging and intercooling, this cutting edge vehicle takes on both the road and the track. Hitting the brakes for another kind of ride, discover FlevoBike, a futuristic, pedal-powered three-wheeler with a completely enclosed driving compartment that keeps out the elements for adrenaline ride no matter the road, or weather, conditions. The science of coffee hits the road, too, when the Handpresso Auto, fits into your cup-holder to produce a mobile shot of espresso that keeps you and the car going. Tech Toys concludes on a high note when we meet the innovators of one of the most groundbreaking crafts of the 21st century: the Solar Impulse, a revolutionary, solar powered, ultra lightweight airplane capable of flying day and night without fuel, only the power of the sun.
On This Episode:
KTM X-Bow GT: Company Website | Preview
FlevoBike: Company Website
Handpresso Auto: Company Website
Solar Impulse: Company Website | Preview



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