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Episode 307

On this episode, Tech Toys travels to Monaco to discover the newest entry into the supercar race: the Mazzanti Evantra. It boasts the monster power of a 7.0-liter V8 engine along with sleek bodywork that blends classical with modern design. Then, discover a radical water toy for the adventurous, the PowerSki JetBoard. The inventors behind this engineering masterpiece have taken the form of a surfboard into which they’ve placed a small 45 horsepower engine capable of propelling this adrenaline pumping good time up to 40 MPH. On to the racetrack, sort of, for a fast-paced ride on the Ellip6, one of the most realistic and exciting driving and flying simulator available. Finally, Tech Toys takes off to Goshen, Indiana, to discover a modern classic, the handmade Halcyon 50 by Janus Motorcycles. Its wide handlebars and streamlined, polished aluminum fuel tank make for a bike that is retro in look but modern in technology.
On This Episode:
Mazzanti Evantra: Company Website
PowerSki JetBoard: Company Website
ellip6 Simulators: Company Website
Janus Halcyon 50: Company Website



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