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Tech Toys 360 Gift Guide: Day 1- The Photographer

Still have some last minute holiday shopping? We’ve got you covered. Every day this week, we’ll have a brand new gift guide for all of those impossible-to-buy-for guys on your list.

In the spirit of the holidays, we’ll also be giving away prizes featured on our lists in the new year. Watch this space for details on how you can win!
Ubiquitous with many action-packed shows, including this one, GoPro is the self-proclaimed “World’s Most Versatile Camera,” and with good reason. Its ability to withstand nearly any rough and tumble environment from the waves to the slopes, plus its unparalleled picture quality, makes it the best action camera on the market.
Starting at $199.99 | GoPro.com
More than a traditional tripod, the Gorillapod features flexible legs and rubberized joints that can be bent around almost any object, adding infinite possibilities for new camera angles.
Starting at $19.95 | Joby.com
iPhone Rangefinder
A must-have for budding iPhoneographers, retrofying iPhone. This nifty gadget is a phonography system that will give your phone a shutter button, viewfinder, aperture numbers, loops for a camera strap, and a tripod mount–all while adding a great vintage look to your iPhone.
$55 | Photojojo
Lomography Spinner 360°
Go beyond the confines of normal photography with the Spinner 360°. With the pull of a cord, this analogue camera spins 360 degrees on its own axis, capturing everything around you in a super wide angle image. To see the camera in action, check out the Lomography segment from last season.
$99 | Lomography
Shot Glass Lens Set
Sometimes photos aren’t the only shots that you can take with a lens. This set of amazingly detailed ceramic shot glasses are a great gift for the photographer who’s seen it all.
$18 | Photojojo
Lytro Light Field Camera
Say goodbye to missing that great shot just because the camera wasn’t focused. The revolutionary Lytro camera captures the entire light field and allows you to take “living pictures” so that you can refocus on different parts of the photo long after it is taken. Amazing new feature Perspective Shift also allows you to change the point of view of the photo, too. It’s the easiest way to go back in time without a Flux Capacitor.
Starting at $399 | Lytro
Have any other gift ideas? Leave them in the comments!