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Tech Toys 360 Gift Guide: Day 4- The Kid At Heart

Still have some last minute holiday shopping? We’ve got you covered. Every day this week, we’ll have a brand new gift guide for all of those impossible-to-buy-for guys on your list. In case you missed them, check out the past guides for The Photographer, The Outdoor Explorer, and The Traveler.

In the spirit of the holidays, we’ll also be giving away prizes featured on our lists in the new year. Watch this space for details on how you can win!
Take skateboarding to the next level with the amazing ZBoard, the first weight-sensing electric skateboard with touch sensors and a motor that can take riders to a top speed of over 15 mph. Perfect as an alternative mode of commuting transportation or just a casual ride through the neighborhood. To see it in action, check out the preview.
Starting at $649 | ZBoard Shop
Wii U
We’ve come a long way from cartridges and Super Nintendo. The Wii U is Nintendo’s latest system with a two-screen gaming experience on a tablet controller (the clearly named GamePad) and the first HD Nintendo gaming system that allows gameplay for up to five people on select games. Off-TV play on the GamePad also allows for placeshitfing play without a TV. It’s also compatible with older generation Wii games and controllers, so no worries about having to toss that beloved copy of Mario Kart.
Starting at $299.99 | Nintendo
PowerUp (TM) Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit
Paper planes are fun for killing time and tormenting those around you, but unless you’re an expert paper plane maker, they don’t fly very far…until now! Add some kick to your planes with the PowerUp Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit. Just clip on the motor, charge it up, and watch it go.
$14.99 | ThinkGeek
Helo TC iOS Helicopter
The Helio TC iOS Helicopter turns your phone into an infrared control panel used to steer this indoor minature RC chopper using a simple on-screen joystick. There’s even a Flight Plan option, where you can program flight patterns and replay them later for hands-free flying.
$50 | Griffin Technology
Mini Mario Kart Racers
Imported from Japan, these mini cars are perfect for the diehard Mario afficionado. Q-Steer cars are zippy and responsive, so pick up a couple and have a real-life Mario Kart race anywhere.
$25.99 | ThinkGeek
Have any other gift ideas? Leave them in the comments!